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Burn an Audio CD

Making your own audio CDs with iTunes is easy. Just create a playlist with your favorite music, click the “Burn Disc” button, and insert a blank CD. iTunes will take care of the rest.

Audio CDs created with iTunes can be played in any regular CD player. To burn your music files onto DVDs or MP3 CDs, set the disc format to DVD or MP3 in the Burning pane of the Advanced pane of iTunes preferences (see page 252).

To burn a CD:

  1. Select a playlist in the Source list.
  2. Check any songs you want recorded on the new CD. Uncheck songs you don’t want to burn to the CD.
  3. Click the “Burn Disc” button.
  4. The Status display instructs you to insert a blank CD.
  5. When finished, a new CD icon representing your newly created music CD appears on your Desktop.
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