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Manage and Play Videos in iTunes

iTunes can manage much more than music. It can also manage movies, TV shows, music videos, and homemade videos you’ve created in applications like iMovie and Final Cut Express. Use iTunes to watch your videos and synchronize them with your iPhone, iPod, or Apple TV.

Download videos from the iTunes Store

When you purchase video content from the iTunes Store, iTunes stores it in the appropriate library. Double-click the video file to play it. The video plays in the bottom-left pane of the iTunes window (unless you set a different preference, explained on the next page). Click once on the video and it opens in a separate window, as shown at the top of the next page.

iTunes categorizes your videos and stores them in different libraries. Music videos are stored in the Music library, TV shows are stored in the TV Shows library, video podcasts are stored in the Podcasts library, and movies and homemade videos are stored in the Movies library.

Import your own QuickTime videos

If you have QuickTime movies that you exported from iMovie or that were imported into iPhoto from your digital camera, store them in iTunes and play them whenever you want, without having to search your hard disk for them. You can drag a QuickTime file from any location on your computer to the iTunes window to put it in the Movies library.

Set a default for video playback

When you select a video in the song list and click the Play button (or when you double-click a song to play it), it might play “in the main window” (the small video pane in the bottom-left corner of the window, as shown on the previous page), “in a separate window” (as shown above), or in “full screen” mode.

To set a default for how a video plays, open the iTunes preferences, then click the “Playback” button in the toolbar. Select the “Play movies and TV shows” option From the pop-up menu, choose the way you want iTunes to initially show a video. Repeat this process for the “Play music videos” option, then click OK.

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