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Creating a Collection

When you've reviewed and sorted your library, narrowed your search using keywords, and filtered out unwanted images, you can group the remaining photos as a collection, so that you can retrieve the same selection easily at any time. To group your photos in a collection, you can choose from three options:

  • A quick collection is a temporary group of photos for certain tasks.
  • A collection is a more permanent group of photos that you can save under its own name.
  • A smart collection is a selection based on filter rules you define.

Once you've created a collection of images, you can rearrange their order for a slideshow or a printing layout by dragging their thumbnails in the Grid view in the Library module, or in the Filmstrip.

Let's start a collection:

  1. If you still have the star rating filter active in the Grid view, clear this setting by choosing Library > Filter by Rating > Reset This Filter. (Alternatively, clicking Refine in the Filter panel above the Grid view disables all filters.) Make sure that Previous Import is selected in the Catalog panel; the Grid view and the Filmstrip should display all the images (see Figure 6).

    If you select a folder in one of the panels in the left group, the Grid view and the Filmstrip display the images in that folder. Right now, you have the Previous Import folder in the Catalog panel selected. The next time you import photos, the Previous Import folder will contain those new images. You still would be able to retrieve the current selection of images if they're all stored together in a folder, but what if you need to retrieve a group of photos that aren't all located in the same folder, or if you want only a selection of all the images in one folder? Let's save the group of images from the Previous Import folder (nine images in this example) as a new collection that you'll be able to retrieve at any time by selecting the collection name in the Collections panel.

  2. Choose Edit > Select All.
  3. With all the photos highlighted in the Grid view and the Filmstrip, choose Library > New Collection. In the Create Collection dialog box, enter My First Collection as Name and select None from the Set menu. Under Collection Options, select Include Selected Photos and deselect Make New Virtual Copies (see Figure 7). Then click Create.
  4. In the Collections panel, note the new My First Collection entry, containing nine images in this example (see Figure 8).
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