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Rearranging and Deleting in a Collection

Now that you've grouped the images in a collection, you can do things in the Grid view and the Filmstrip that you couldn't do otherwise, such as rearranging the order of the images, or deleting them from the view without deleting them from the catalog.

  1. Select the My First Collection entry in the Collections panel, as shown in Figure 9.

    Although nothing changes in the Grid view (for the moment, the My First Collection folder contains the same pictures as the Previous Import folder), you're working with a collection, where you're free to rearrange the order of your images.

  2. Choose Edit > Select None. If necessary, scroll down in the Grid view, and Ctrl-click (Mac: Command-click) to select the last two images. Drag the selected images toward the top of the view. As you drag, the view scrolls up automatically as necessary. Drag your selection between the second and third photos and drop it when the vertical black insertion line appears (see Figure 10). The selected photos snap to their new position in the Grid view and the Filmstrip.
  3. Choose Edit > Select None. Right-click (Mac: Control-click) the fourth image in the Grid view and choose Remove From Collection from the context menu. My First Collection in this example now contains eight images (see Figure 11).

Although you removed the photo from the collection, it hasn't been deleted from your catalog. The Previous Import folder (as well as the All Photographs folder) in the Catalog panel still contains all the images. A collection contains only references to the original files; deleting the reference doesn't affect the original file.

You can include a single image in any number of collections—each collection then contains its own reference to the same file.

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