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Comparing Several Photos

To compare and select among several photos, use the Survey view. You can view all the candidate images at the same time and narrow your selection one by one, until only the best photo remains.

  1. Choose Edit > Select None. In the Filmstrip, Ctrl-click (Mac: Command-click) three or four images that you'd like to compare, and then click Survey view (circled in Figure 14) on the toolbar, choose View > Survey, or simply press N on the keyboard to switch to the Survey view.
  2. In the Survey view, one photo always is selected (active), as indicated by a thin white border. To activate a different photo, click its thumbnail. In the right panel group is any additional information about the active photo, from a histogram to information about which lens or ISO settings you used (see Figure 15).
  3. Drag a thumbnail image to reposition it in the Survey view. The other images move automatically to accommodate your changes.
  4. As you move the pointer over the thumbnail images, notice the Deselect Photo icon in the lower-right corner (circled in Figure 16). Click this button to remove a photo from the Survey view. Note that eliminating a photo from the Survey view doesn't remove it from the collection.

    The Survey view displays all the selected images. The more images you select, the smaller the individual thumbnail images in the Survey view. As you eliminate candidates, the remaining photos are resized progressively.

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