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Snap to It with Flash CS4 Professional

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The capability to 'snap' elements into correct position is a handy helper when designing Flash creations. Katherine Ulrich explores the possibilities for giving your items some snap.
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Flash CS4 Professional's snapping features help you align elements on the Stage. This article provides a quick overview of the available snapping options.

Snap Possibilities

Flash CS4 Professional has five major snapping features:

  • Snap Align helps you align elements once you've dragged them within a user-definable distance from one another or from the edge of the Stage.
  • Snap to Grid helps you position the edge or center of an element to sit directly on top of a user-defined grid.
  • Snap to Guides does the same thing as Snap to Grid, but with elements and guidelines.
  • Snap to Objects helps you position one element in relation to another.
  • Snap to Pixels helps you move elements in whole-pixel steps. At magnifications of 400% or greater it displays a grid with dimensions of 1 pixel by 1 pixel.

To turn snapping on and off for the view, choose View > Snapping. The items with checkmarks on the Snapping submenu are currently active (see Figure 1). Select an unchecked item to activate it; select a checked item to deactivate it.

Figure 1

Figure 1 Flash snapping options.

Let's look a little more closely at the different kinds of snapping that you can use to help align your objects in Flash.

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