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  1. Creating a Garbage Mask
  2. Animating a Garbage Mask
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Animating a Garbage Mask

Because you needed to leave room for the actor to enter from the right, a lot of wrinkled greenscreen remains. You'll remove more of this area by animating the garbage mask over time.

  1. Move the current-time indicator to 1:15 in the Timeline panel.
  2. Select the layer in the Timeline panel, and press M to display the Mask properties for the layer.
  3. Click the stopwatch icon (icon here) next to the Mask Path property to set an initial keyframe for the mask.
  4. Move the current-time indicator to 2:00.
  5. Select the Selection tool, and then adjust the vertices on the right side of the screen, reducing the amount of greenscreen visible.
  6. Manually preview the clip to ensure the actor doesn't move outside of the masked area. If she does, make adjustments to the vertices again.
  7. Press M to hide the Mask property.
  8. Choose File > Save to save your work so far.
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