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Getting Started

Teacher Planning

In order for the lesson to succeed, the teacher will need a working knowledge of the technology and resources the students will use:

  • The basic functionality of Numbers, the spreadsheet application included with iWork (see Lesson 10 of Apple Training Series: iWork ’08).
  • The basic functionality of Pages, the word-processing application included with iWork (see Lessons 7 and 8 of Apple Training Series: iWork ’08).
  • Identify websites ahead of time that show the different expenses associated with the lesson. These should include utilities, real estate, auto, etc. Where possible, use local expenses, as national averages may not be realistic for your area of the country.
  • Identify resources students can use to investigate careers and related salaries. For jobs that require advanced training, be sure to have students calculate financial loan costs.
  • Ensure that the necessary hardware and software are available to the students.
  • Determine the amount of time to be spent on the project. Provide guidelines for project milestones. For example, how much time the students should spend deciding on their vacation destination.

Student Preparation

Tell the students the lesson objectives in advance, so they have time to prepare.

  • Give students time to explore Numbers and Pages.
  • Have students think about possible career options in advance.
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