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Adobe Acrobat 9 How-To #30: Managing and Distributing a Portfolio

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By combining files in a portfolio PDF, you can keep related documents organized and share them easily. Donna L. Baker points out some useful capabilities for managing portfolios in Adobe Acrobat 9.
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Acrobat offers some specific commands for working with a portfolio PDF file. Here are a few of those commands:

  • From the Home mode, click Modify on the Portfolio toolbar and choose Secure Portfolio from the pop-up menu (or choose File > Modify PDF Portfolio > Secure Portfolio on the program menu) to specify restrictions and set a password.
  • From the Home mode, choose File > Export > Export Multiple Files to extract the component files of your portfolio in a selected file format. In the Export Multiple Files dialog box, click Add Files > Add Open Files to specify the portfolio, and click OK. In the Output Options dialog box, select a target folder, specify a naming system, and choose an export format. Click OK to process the files.
  • From any viewing mode, choose File > Portfolio Properties to open the Document Properties dialog box, where you can add descriptions, specify security, and so on.
  • From any viewing mode, select an imported movie file and choose Modify > Convert to Flash Movie to change the file's format.

Sometimes a portfolio can become very large, and it's not always easy to keep track of your content. Fortunately, Acrobat offers a customized search feature that lets you search everything in your portfolio, including the information listed in Details mode, and in non-PDF files. To search the files in a portfolio, follow these steps:

  1. Type the terms in the Search field and click Search (see Figure 1).
  2. Review the returns shown in the Search Results dialog box (see Figure 2).
  3. Click a return to read the file's details. If you're in Details mode, the file is highlighted in the list; if you're in Preview mode, the result is highlighted on the page, as shown in Figure 2.
  4. Click Previous or Next to review the results.
  5. Close the Search Results pane when you're finished.
Figure 1

Figure 1 Use the Search button to search the portfolio's contents. The Previous and Next buttons let you flip through the results quickly.

Figure 2

Figure 2 Search returns are listed and highlighted in the portfolio's files.

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