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Playback Options

On the Playback tab in the Presentation Settings dialog box, you can specify the settings for playing the presentation:

  • Select Auto Play on Start if you want the presentation to begin immediately after loading. Otherwise, the user has to click the Play button on the presentation's interface to start the presentation.
  • By default, Presenter runs the presentation once and then stops. If you want it to loop (for example, for presentations used in a kiosk or public display), select Loop presentation.
  • Select Include Slide Numbers in Outline if you want to include slide numbers in the Outline pane of the presentation—a handy option if your presentation will have different presenters with varying levels of familiarity with the content.
  • If you want the presentation to stop after a slide's animation is complete, choose Pause After Each Animation. With this option selected, the viewer has time to make notes or check out the finished slide before continuing.
  • Slides display according to the length of their audio or video. For slides without media, specify a display time in seconds. The default is five seconds.
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