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Smart Dimensions; Smart Spacing

Just as Smart Guides can align to margins and objects, they also give you feedback that can help you create an object that is the same size as another object on the page.

To show or hide Smart Guides:

  • Choose Window > Grids & Guides > Smart Guides. This turns the Smart Guides on or off.

One of the options for Smart Guides is the Smart Dimensions feature. This helps you create objects that have the same width or height.

To create objects with the same dimensions:

  1. Create one object that has a certain width or height.
  2. Drag to create a new object. As you drag, watch for a dimension arrow that appears next to the width or height square_66.gif. This is the Smart Dimension indicator that says the two objects have the same dimension.

    square_66.gif The Smart Dimension indicators appear when an object is the same width or height as another.

Onother option for Smart Guides is the Smart Spacing feature. This make it easy to evenly distribute objects so that the spaces between them are equal.

To position objects with the same spacing:

  1. Create two objects that have a certain space between them.
  2. Position a third object on the page. As you drag, watch for a Smart Spacing indicators that appear between the objects square_67.gif. This is the Smart Spacing indicator that says the three objects are spaced evenly.


    square_67.gif The Smart Spacing indicators appear when an object is the same distance away from one object as it is from another.

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