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Applying HTML Text Styles

The most common text formatting is to make text bold or italicized, and of course Dreamweaver can do that, with either HTML markup or a CSS rule. But it can also apply several other text styles, some of which are for specialized uses, as shown in Figure 4.14 and Table 4.1.

Figure 4.14 Dreamweaver offers a number of useful (and not so useful) HTML text styles.

Bold style

Variable style

Italic style

Sample style

Underlined style

Keyboard style

Strikethrough style

Citation style

Emphasis style

Definition style

Strong style

Deleted style

Code style

Inserted style

Table 4.1. Text Styles




Makes text boldface.


Italicizes text.


Underlines text.


Text is shown with a line through it.


Reminiscent of an old typewriter. Usually shows text in a monospaced font such as Courier.


Italicizes text on screen. Causes screen readers to stress importance in speech.


Bolds text on screen. Causes screen readers to add additional importance to speech.


Depicts programming code, usually in a monospaced font.


Marks variables in programming code. Usually displayed as italics.


Meant to display sample output from a computer program or script. Usually displayed in a monospaced font.


Meant to depict text a user would type on the keyboard. Usually displayed in a monospaced font.


Used to mark citations and references. Usually displayed as italics.


Used to mark the first, defining usage of a term in a document. Usually displayed as italics (Safari on the Mac displays this as regular text).


Marks deleted text. Shown the same as strikethrough.


Marks inserted text. Shown the same as underlined.

Many of these text styles are meant for displaying programming or script code, so they won’t be used at all on many sites. Others, such as Underline and Strikethrough, are deprecated in the HTML 4.01 standard, which means that they are obsolete and may not work in future browsers. Instead, you should use a CSS property. See “Dreamweaver CSS Categories” in Chapter 7.

To apply an HTML text style:

  1. Select the text you want to change.
  2. Choose Format > Style, then choose the style you want from the submenu.

    The text’s appearance changes.

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