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Using tabbed document windows ★

Whether you’re a Windows or Mac OS user (with the Application frame showing or not), you can dock multiple open document windows as a tabbed group and display any document by clicking its tab. This will help keep them neatly organized and, best of all, readily accessible. If you become accustomed to working with the Application frame, you’ll naturally want to dock your documents as tabs anyway.

To dock document windows as tabs:

  • To override the automatic docking function as you drag a panel, hold down Control.
  • To cycle among open documents, press Ctrl-Tab/Control-Tab.
  • In both platforms (in the Mac OS, whether the Application frame is displayed or not), you can float individual document windows (either right-click/Control-click a document tab and choose Move to New Window or drag the tab downward off the tab bar). We don’t recommend doing this when the Application frame is displayed, because every time you click in the frame, the floating windows will be obscured behind it. Use the Consolidate All to Here command to bring stray floaters back into the frame.

To float all open document windows:

  • On the Arrange Documents menu arrange-docs-menu-icon.jpg on the Application bar, click Float All in Windows.
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