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#39 Shearing (Skewing)

Shearing (or skewing—they're the same thing) is a hard process to describe in words, but it's something you'll often want to apply to a shape. In general, skewing distorts the relationship between opposite sides of an object. A simple example would be converting a rectangle into a parallelogram with 30-degree angles instead of right (90-degree) angles. You can do this by selecting a path segment and moving it with the Shear tool (Figure 39a).

Figure 39a

Figure 39a Shearing a rectangle into a parallelogram.

When you shear (skew), the affected object distorts around the center point of the object. To skew around a selected point instead, first click with the Shear tool to set a fixed point. The selected point (anywhere on the artboard) remains fixed while the rest of the object shears (Figure 39b).

Figure 39b

Figure 39b Shearing with a fixed point.

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