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A multichannel promotion or campaign has the most impact for brands or projects. This means fully taking advantage of print opportunities, broadcast, web, and mobile opportunities all in one cohesive experience.

The primary goal of a multichannel project is to have the content lead users into another media channel, such as web, print, or broadcast. The content needs to carry over, not replicate itself, where the story continues. For example, if a broadcast commercial is on television, the web portion must not be just the commercial but also interactive content that supports the commercial with stories relevant to the concept. The mobile piece needs to play off that and offer a unique piece of interactivity available only in the mobile space. Print can also point to the mobile execution where users can gain more knowledge about the product and its full story.

Multichannel campaigns must not be forced. Forced campaigns result in dull or replicated content. With users paying mobile and data bills each month, mobile project creators need to be sensitive to what they're serving up and how much of it they're serving. Is the content worth the experience? Is it valuable enough for users who don't typically go into the mobile space to explore the mobile space for the project? Is the mobile channel being used wisely? Most importantly, never use SMS to push spam. Not only will users opt-out of the current project, they'll choose to not participate in future mobile projects.

Multichannel pieces can also work with art gallery exhibits. Such pieces do not always need to be commercial based, focused on brand marketing and awareness. Multichannel simply means awareness and use of other channels to provide an overhaul strategy between different mediums. It keeps viewers engaged with the content and keeps them exploring the project through different means. Print gives users something. Motion video gives users something. Audio gives users something. Mobile gives users something.

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