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#35 Using Split Toning

To add color to a grayscale image (or tweak the color of a color image), use the controls in the Split Toning tab. Notice that the Split Toning tab has Hue and Saturation sliders for both Highlights and Shadows areas. The Balance slider lets you adjust the relative influence of the Highlights and Shadows controls (Figure 35).

Figure 35

Figure 35 Use the controls in the Split Toning tab to add color to both grayscale and color images.

In either the Highlights or Shadows area, start by dragging the Hue slider to select the color that you would like to add to the image. Then drag the Saturation slider to control the color intensity. If needed, drag the Balance slider to the right to increase the effect of the Highlights controls on the image; drag to the left to give the Shadows settings more prominence.

Sepia tone

You can add one color throughout the tonal range—to create a sepia tone effect, for example—by adjusting only the Highlights or Shadows sliders.

Split tone

To create a split tone image, you must adjust both the Highlights and Shadows sliders so that a different color is applied to the shadows and the highlights. Then you adjust the Balance slider to modify the intensity of the toning balance between the Highlights and Shadows controls.

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