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“Why does creating or editing a color or style affect objects on my page?”

When you create a color using either the Color or the Swatches palette (see Chapter 38 for the difference), InDesign automatically applies the color to any objects selected on your page. Similarly, if you double-click on a name in the Swatches palette, Paragraph Styles, or Character Styles palette (to edit the color or style), the color or style is applied to anything you have selected. This can be crazy-making if you don’t expect it. There are several workarounds.

First, get in the habit of pressing Command-Shift-A/Ctrl-Shift-A (or choosing Edit>Deselect All) before you edit or create anything. Second, you can right-button click (or Control-click on the Macintosh) on a paragraph or character style to edit it without applying it. Or you can hold down Command-Option-Shift/Ctlr-Alt-Shift when you double-click on a style or color name to edit it without applying it.

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