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Create Guides

The Create Guides feature (in the Layout menu) allows you to expand beyond the options of the Margins and Columns command. The Create Guides dialog box (see Figure 17-2) includes these options:

  • Number. Sets the number of rows or columns you want to create using guides.

  • Gutter. If the Gutter setting is larger than zero, InDesign places two guides in each location, rather than one; the amount of space between the two guides equals the Gutter value. If you want four evenly-spaced guides on your page, set the Number to 5 (one more than the number of guides) and the Gutter to zero.

  • Fit Guides To. Adjusts the row and column spacing based on the page edges or margins.

  • Remove Existing Ruler Guides. Clears all page guides, useful when you want to remove guides you were using to roughly sketch out the layout.

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