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Searching and Sorting Libraries

If you have many items in a library, you may find it difficult to find specific library entries. InDesign has a powerful search feature that makes it easy to locate specific items in a library.

To search within a library:
  1. Click the Show Library Subset icon.


    Choose Show Subset from the Library panel menu. This opens the Subset dialog box square9.gif.

  2. Choose Search Entire Library to search all entries in the library square10.gif.


    Choose Search Currently Shown Items to search through only those items currently displayed in the library.

  3. Use the Parameters menu and fields to set the search criteria square11.gif.
  4. Click More Choices to add up to five choices to the parameters list.
  5. Choose Match All to choose only those items that match all the search parameters square12.gif.


    Choose Match Any One to find items that meet at least one of the search parameters.

  6. Click OK to display the items that meet the search criteria.

Once you have sorted a library, you may need to show all the items at some other time.

To display all the library entries:
  • Choose Show All from the Library panel submenu.

You can also control the order in which the library items are displayed. This makes it easier to find items in large libraries.

To sort library entries:
  • Choose one of the Sort Items options from the Library panel menu:
    • By Name arranges the items in alphabetical order.
    • By Newest arranges the items in the order they were added, with the newest items first.
    • By Oldest arranges the items in the order they were added with the oldest items first.
    • By Type arranges the items in groups according to their categories.
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