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Saving and Loading Color Settings

One of the things that drives my students crazy is when a color in Adobe InDesign looks different when displayed in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. Fortunately, it is easy to synchronize your Adobe application color settings so the color looks the same.

To save the color settings:
  1. Set your color settings as described in the previous section.
  2. Click the Save button in the Color Settings dialog box.
  3. Name the color settings file (.csf) and save it in the following location square12.gif:
    • Disk: Users: [User]: Library: Application Support: Adobe: Color: Settings (Mac).
    • Disk: Documents and Settings: [User]: Application Data: Adobe: Color: Settings (Win).

Once you have saved the color settings, you can open or load them into InDesign or another Adobe application.

To open the color settings:
  1. Click Load in the Color Settings dialog box.
  2. Navigate to the Color: Settings folder as described in the previous exercise.
  3. Choose the color settings file.

If your copy of InDesign is part of the Adobe Creative Suite, you have an additional feature that allows you to easily synchronize all the applications in the suite.

To synchronize color settings using Adobe Bridge:
  1. Open Adobe Bridge.
  2. Choose Edit > Creative Suite Color Settings. This opens the Suite Color Settings dialog box.


    Click the Color Management button in the Adobe Bridge Center square14.gif. This opens the Suite Color Settings dialog box.

  3. Choose the color setting from the list and then click Apply. This synchronizes the color management across the Adobe Creative Suite applications square15.gif.
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