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Photoshop Elements has two primary workspaces: the Organizer and the Editor. You’ll use the Organizer to locate, import, manage, and share your photos and media files, and the Editor for editing and adjusting your images and for creating presentations to showcase them. You can use the buttons on the top of the workspace windows to switch between the Organizer and the Editor.


A typical Photoshop Elements workflow follows these basic steps:

  • Bring images and media into the Organizer from a digital camera, scanner, or digital video camera.
  • Sort and group images and media by a variety of methods, including applying keyword tags and creating albums, in the Organizer.
  • Edit, adjust, and correct images and media or add text in the Editor.
  • Share your images and media by creating projects and presentations, using e-mail or an on-line sharing service, or by burning them to CD/DVD ROM.

Photoshop Elements stores information about your images in catalog files, which manage the photos on your computer but are independent of the image files themselves. As well as digital photographs, a catalog can include video and audio files, scans, PDF documents, and any presentations and layouts you might create in Photoshop Elements such as slide shows, photo collages, and CD jacket designs. When you sort and group your media in Photoshop Elements, all your work is recorded in the catalog. A single catalog can efficiently handle thousands of files, but you can also create separate catalogs for different types of work.


Keyword tags are personalized labels such as “House” or “Beach” that you attach to photos, creations, and video or audio clips in the Photo Browser so that you can easily organize and find them.


To select more than one photo in the Photo Browser, hold down the Ctrl key and click the photos you want to select. Ctrl-clicking enables you to select multiple non-consecutive files. To select a series of images that are in consecutive order, click the first photo, and then hold down the Shift key and click the last in the series. All the photos between the two images you Shift-clicked will be selected.

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