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Reviewing and comparing

Photoshop Elements provides several options to quickly and easily review and compare your images.

Viewing photos at full screen or side-by-side

The Full Screen View and Side by Side View let you review your images without the distraction of other interface items such as windows, menus and palettes.

  1. Click the Display button (displaybutton.jpg) near the upper right corner of the Organizer window, and then choose View Photos In Full Screen from the menu.

    In the Full Screen View Options dialog box, you can customize the slide show—for example, you can play an audio file as you view the images. You can also choose to display thumbnails of the selected files in a filmstrip along the right side of the screen, or add a fade between pictures.

  2. Disable the Include Captions option and activate the Start Playing Automatically option; then click OK to start the slide show.

Your photos are displayed as a full-screen slide show—an enjoyable and efficient way to view a set of photos.

The control bar, which contains buttons for playing, rotating, and zooming disappears from view when you don’t move the mouse for a couple of seconds.

  1. To make the control bar reappear, move the mouse.
  2. Press the Esc key on your keyboard to return to the Organizer.
  3. Click the Display button (displaybutton.jpg), and then choose Compare Photos Side By Side to display two photos simultaneously. Side by Side View is useful when you need to focus on details and differences between photos. You can select two or more photos to compare. When you click the Next Photo button (nextphoto.jpg) in the control bar, the selected image changes to the next image in your selection. By default, image # 1 (on the left or top) is selected. To select image #2 instead, click it.

You can switch between views by clicking the Full Screen View button (displaybutton.jpg) or the Side by Side View button (sidebyside.jpg) in the control bar. While in either view, you can right-click an image and access further options from the context menu. For example, you can mark an image for printing, fix red eye, add a photo to an album, and delete or apply keyword tags.

  1. Press the Esc key on your keyboard to return to the Organizer.
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