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Every page or spread of a QuarkXPress layout is surrounded by a work area called the pasteboard (Figure 2.19). You can use the pasteboard for temporary item storage and to work on items without distractions. For example, if you’re drawing a new logo with the Bézier Pen tool, you might want to work on the pasteboard so you can really focus on the drawing. You can then drag the finished item to a layout page. To see the pasteboard, reduce the view scale or scroll.

Figure 2.19: QuarkXPress provides a wide pasteboard to the left and right of each page or spread. Use the pasteboard for item storage, work space, and bleed items as you work. You can specify that the pasteboard for the active spread display in a different color as shown here.

You can customize the width and color of the pasteboard, and you can specify a different color for the pasteboard of the active spread. The default pasteboard width is 100%, meaning that the pasteboard is the same width as the layout pages. You can make the pasteboard narrower but not wider. The Display pane of the Preferences dialog box (Figure 2.20) lets you customize the pasteboard. Display preferences are not project- or layout-specific; they apply to your copy of QuarkXPress.

Figure 2.20: The Pasteboard area in the Display pane of the Preferences dialog box lets you change the default pasteboard width and color as well as specify a color to indicate the active spread.

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