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Exiting Expression Media

When you're finished using Expression Media, save any open catalogs if you want to preserve their changes, and then quit:

  • PC: Choose File > Exit or press F4.
  • Mac: Choose Expression Media 2 > Quit Expression Media 2 (Command-Q).

If open catalogs don't contain unsaved changes, Expression Media immediately quits. If one or more open catalogs contain unsaved changes, a dialog box appears that offers you the opportunity to save changes. Do one of the following:

  • To save unsaved changes, click Save.
  • To close the catalog without saving the changes, click Don't Save.
  • To leave the catalog file open rather than closing it, click Cancel. (Choosing Cancel also aborts the exit process.)

This dialog box is presented once for each catalog that contains unsaved changes.

Steve Schwartz has a Ph.D. in psychology and lives in the fictional town of Lizard Spit, AZ, where he's attended by Spooky (his faithful dog), Sydney (his African Gray attack parrot), and the irradiating glow of a roomful of computers. To learn more about Steve and his many Peachpit Press books, visit his website, Silicon Wasteland.

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