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Using Snapshots

By default, an image contains an Import snapshot. It's the only snapshot Camera Raw creates automatically; other snapshots are created when you manually add them yourself. To create a snapshot, click the New Snapshot button at the bottom of the Snapshots tab (Command-Option-9 in Mac OS X or Ctrl-Alt-9 in Windows), enter a name, and click OK (see Figure 3). Snapshots are listed in alphabetical rather than chronological order. To delete a snapshot, select it in the list and click the trash can icon at the bottom of the Snapshots tab.

Figure 3

Figure 3 The Snapshots tab.

To apply a snapshot, click its name in the Snapshots tab. You can also click the settings menu and choose the name of the snapshot from the Apply Snapshot submenu.

Earlier we mentioned that snapshots already exist in Lightroom. If you create snapshots in Adobe Camera Raw 5.2 or Lightroom 2.0, you'll be able to see and use the snapshots in both programs.

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