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Flying Solo: Adding Some Project Polish

The project is almost complete. You now only need to make small minor adjustments, adding the polish that will make this, and other projects you create, shine with pride. In this section you are given the opportunity to make these tweaks and adjustments while Flying Solo, in order to reinforce the techniques and skills you have learned so far. We’ve provided you with hints and tips, and if you get lost, refer back to the relevant section in this book to see where you are going wrong. Good luck.

Make Final Tweaks to Your Movie

  • red-circle-1.jpg Zoom the Timeline in or out to show the whole Timeline (Hint: the plus or minus signs next to the zoom slider).
  • red-circle-2.jpg Notice that the starfield.jpg clip is too short for the length of your movie (Hint: grab the tail end of the Starfield clip and drag it so it is the same length as the Music clip).
  • red-circle-3.jpg Add a Fade In to the start of the starfield.jpg and Title 01 on the Start Title track (Hint: select clip; Properties button; Opacity; Fade In button).
  • red-circle-4.jpg Add the Gaussian Blur effect to the starfield.jpg to punch out those titles (Hint: Effects panel; type “Blur”; drag the Gaussian Blur effect to starfield.jpg; select clip; Properties button; Gaussian Blur controls; Blurriness to suit—try a value of 3).
  • red-circle-5.jpg Add a Fade Out to the end of the starfield.jpg (Hint: select clip; Properties button; Opacity; Fade Out button).
  • red-circle-6.jpg Add a Zoom Blur to the starfield.jpg and keyframe it to start at 00;00;41;18 (Hint: Effect; type “Blur”; drag the Zoom Blur to starfield.jpg; select clip; Properties button; Zoom Blur; move CTI to 00;00;41;18; set zoom to “0”; toggle animation on; use Page Down to move the CTI to the end of starfield.jpg; set zoom to suit; try a value of 100).
  • red-circle-7.jpg Split the Music clip at the 00;00;47;07 point and delete the tail end (Hint: CTI to 47;07; use Split Clip button or Ctrl-K).
  • red-circle-8.jpg Add a Fade Out for the music clip (Hint: right-click on the clip; select Fade > Fade Out Audio).
  • red-circle-9.jpg When you are happy with your project, press Ctrl-S to save your work so far, and then proceed to the final section.
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