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Creating Your “Long Ago” Text

All of the Star Wars movies begin with the now universally recognizable, “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…” The beauty of this opening text is how it sets an almost fairytale-like tone in just seven simple words (with “far” repeated), reminiscent of the equally well-known “happily ever after.” You can also easily modify the phrase to suit the movie you’re putting together, as you will do here with, “A short time ago, in a house not too far away…”

Create the Opening Text

  • red-circle-1.jpg Click the Add Default Text button below the Monitor panel.
  • red-circle-2.jpg Right-click the default Add Text box and select Cut from the contextual menu.
  • red-circle-3.jpg Click the Text key in the Titler if it isn’t already selected.
  • red-circle-4.jpg Starting in the upper-left corner of the screen, drag a box across the entire screen, down to the lower-right corner, as shown in the illustration. Be sure to stay within the safe margins for titles.

Type and Style the Text

  • red-circle-1.jpg Type the following text: A short time ago, in a house not too far away… (including the ellipses).
  • red-circle-2.jpg Press Ctrl-A on your keyboard to select all the text you just typed.
  • red-circle-3.jpg Right-click inside the text area and from the contextual menu, choose Font > Arial Narrow > Bold.
  • red-circle-4.jpg Change the font size from the default 64 to 33 by right-clicking again inside the text area and choosing Size > Other; then type 33 into the number field and press OK.
  • red-circle-5.jpg Set the justification to centered by clicking the Center Text button.
  • red-circle-6.jpg Resize the text box by clicking the Selection Tool and grabbing the bottom handle of the box; then drag it up to make the box evenly surround the text, as shown in the illustration.
  • red-circle-7.jpg Reposition the text so that it sits in the center of the screen by clicking the two centering buttons:
    • Click the Vertical Center button.
    • Click the Horizontal Center button.
  • red-circle-8.jpg Premiere Elements should automatically place the new title on the Timeline. If not, drag the title you just created from the Media panel to the Start Title track on the Timeline so that the head (front) of the clip is at the very beginning of the track.
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