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Like this article? We recommend

Hot Feature: Cover Flow

Bookmarks and history lists are now displayed in graphical Cover Flow fashion rather than as text-only lists. (Cover Flow has been popularized in recent versions of iTunes and in Mac OS X Leopard's folder windows.) To view your bookmarks or history, click the Show All Bookmarks icon on the left side of the Bookmarks bar. Choose the appropriate collection (such as History or Bookmarks menu) from the Collections pane (see Figure 3).

Figure 3

Figure 3 Instead of relying on page titles or URLs to help you find a particular web page in Safari 4, the Cover Flow presents thumbnails of the pages in your Bookmarks or History collection.

To navigate through the chosen collection, you can do any of the following:

  • To flip through pages, click a thumbnail to the left or right of the centered thumbnail.
  • Use the scroll bar beneath the Cover Flow thumbnails by clicking the arrow at either end, dragging the scroll box, or clicking directly in the scroll bar.
  • Click a specific page title in the text pane (beneath the Cover Flow thumbnails).
  • Click any title in the text pane and then press the up- or down-arrow keys. (You can also expand or collapse a folder in the text pane by clicking the right- or left-arrow key, respectively.)

When you see the site or page you want to visit, click its Cover Flow thumbnail or double-click its title in the text pane.

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