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Step 2: Adding Media to the Project and the Timeline

You can't do much without some media to play with, so in this section you will add media to the project in one of two ways, either by capturing directly from your camera or by importing from your hard drive. You will then drag and drop the media to the Timeline.

Task: Add your media to the project and Timeline by following these steps:

  1. Bring your action scene into Premiere Elements 7 by doing one of the following:
    • With your camera connected to your computer, click the Organize tab and then click the DV Camcorder button. Capture your footage in the usual way (see Figure 9).
    • Click the Organize tab and then click the PC Files and Folders button. Import your files in the usual way (see Figure 10).
  2. Click the Edit tab to switch to the Edit Workspace and then click the Project button to display the Media view. Your captured or imported files should appear here (see Figure 11).
  3. Drag your action scene from the Media view and onto the Green_Screen track of the Timeline (see Figure 12). If you see a message asking whether you want to add Videomerge, click No.
  4. We selected No for Videomerge in order to leave the green background in place, so we can see the muzzle flash more clearly while it's being created. Videomerge can be added to the clip from the Effect view once you've completed the entire exercise. (At the end of this article, we'll provide more advice on removing green-screen backgrounds.)
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