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Training Face Recognition

Although you can navigate through photos fairly quickly while adding names, iPhoto provides a much faster way of training the face recognition technology.

To train face recognition:

  1. Click Faces in the source pane, and then double-click the snapshot of a person for whom you want to improve iPhoto's recognition.

    iPhoto shows photos to which you've already assigned the person's name. If it thinks the person's face is also in other photos, it displays them below the bar and enables the Confirm Name button (Figure 4.8).

    Figure 4.8

    Figure 4.8 Double-click a face in the Faces corkboard to see all the photos associated with that person.

  2. Click the Confirm Name button in the toolbar.

    iPhoto switches into confirmation mode (Figure 4.9). Note that iPhoto zooms each photo to focus on the identified face, and adds a Confirm button to each photo.

    Figure 4.9

    Figure 4.9 Clicking the Confirm Name button switches you into confirmation mode.

  3. Confirm each photo by clicking it, or reject it by option.jpg-clicking it.

    Confirmed photos receive a green name; rejected photos receive a red name, prefixed with "Not" (Figure 4.10).

    Figure 4.10

    Figure 4.10 Click the photos to confirm the name, or Option-click them to reject the name.

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