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Using the 3D Panel to Adjust Lighting and Surface Texture

One of the benefits of working with a three-dimensional object is that you can adjust the lighting angles and the surface texture on the object. The 3D panel gives you quick access to settings for the scene, mesh, materials, and lighting.

  1. In the 3D (Scene) panel, select the Hat Material component. The options in the lower area of the panel change.
  2. Enter 80% for Glossiness (see Figure 10).
  3. Photoshop adds shine to the hat, as if it's lit from the front.

  4. Click the Filter By Light button at the top of the 3D panel. The 3D (Lights) panel displays options for lighting.
  5. Select the Infinite Light 2 component in the 3D panel.
  6. Select the Rotate The Light tool in the 3D (Lights) panel.
  7. If you're using a video card that supports OpenGL, click the Toggle Lights button at the bottom of the panel to view the light guide (see Figure 11).
  8. If light guides are displayed, drag the bulb end of the guide that appears to be entering the top of the hat. As you drag the bulb down, the light shifts over the hat. If guides aren't displayed, move the cursor down on the screen to shift the light.
  9. Because you've selected Infinite Light 2 in the 3D (Lights) panel, only that light changes as you move the cursor across the screen. If you select a different light, the same cursor movement moves the selected light and creates a different effect.

  10. With Infinite Light 2 selected, click the swatch next to Color in the 3D (Lights) panel, and select a light yellow color (see Figure 12). As you select a color for the light, you can preview it in the image window. When you're satisfied with the color, click OK to close the Select Light Color dialog box. Click the Toggle Lights button again to hide the light guides.
  11. Choose File > Save to save your work.
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