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Merging Two-Dimensional Layers onto 3D Layers

You created the three-dimensional layer by wrapping a two-dimensional image around a shape. But you can wrap additional 2D layers onto the same shape. Just position them where you want them, and then merge them; they'll follow the shape of the 3D object. In this procedure, you'll merge a layer of musical notes onto the hat.

  1. In the Layers panel, select the Music layer and make it visible. The Music layer is a two-dimensional layer of musical notes. It should be the top layer in the Layers panel, so that it appears in front of the hat and the sky (see Figure 13).
  2. Select the Move tool in the Tools panel, and then position the Music layer so that the notes are centered over the hat.
  3. Choose Layer > Merge Down. The musical notes wrap around the hat (see Figure 14), and the Music layer is no longer listed in the Layers panel.

When you use the Merge Down command, Photoshop merges the selected layer with the layer directly beneath it in the Layers panel. The two layers become a single layer, keeping the name of the bottom layer (see Figure 15).

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