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Like this article? We recommend

More Tips for Working with Gmail Groups

More Tips for Working with Gmail Groups

The previous sections explained the mechanics of creating, using, and managing groups. Here are some thoughts on the philosophy of working with groups.

A group doesn't need to be massive to be useful. Most groups that I create have only a handful of members. For example, when working on a book, all of my chapter submissions and related email messages must be sent to a small group of editors and production staff. Even with a group as small as two people, it's faster to send to a group than to select two email addresses.

When your username or email provider changes, it's customary to notify your contacts of your new email address. You don't need to create a group to accomplish this—especially since you probably won't use the group again. Instead, try this:

  1. Click Compose Mail and write your message.
  2. Click Contacts to display the Contact Manager.
  3. Click My Contacts or All Contacts, and then click All (above the contacts list).
  4. Click the Email link (to the right of the contact list).
  5. Your entire contact list is added to the To section of the message.

  6. Add a Bcc section to the message header by clicking Add Bcc.
  7. Select all the addresses by clicking in the To section and pressing Ctrl-A (Mac: Command-A). Press Ctrl-X (Mac: Command-X) to cut the addresses, removing them from the section. Click in the Bcc section and press Ctrl-V (Mac: Command-V) to paste the addresses.

Steve Schwartz has a Ph.D. in psychology and lives in the fictional town of Lizard Spit, AZ, where he's attended by Spooky (his faithful dog), Sydney (his African Gray attack parrot), and the irradiating glow of a roomful of computers. To learn more about Steve and his many Peachpit Press books, visit his website, Silicon Wasteland.

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