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Edit Original Command

After Effects intelligently handles imported files. It is quite capable of detecting which application created the file and allows you to open the file using that program for changes. Simply modify, close, and save the file. After Effects then updates the instance in your project. This particular workflow is very handy, especially when using the Creative Suite applications.

Let’s use the Edit Original command to update a graphic in the bumper.

  1. Double-click the layer Logo Animated in the Timeline to open it. The new file loads into the Composition panel and Timeline.
  2. Select the bottommost layer called Box in the Timeline.
  3. Chose Edit > Edit Original or press Command+E (Ctrl+E).
  4. Adobe Illustrator opens and reveals the layered file. Activate the Selection tool in the toolbar.
  5. Click the green box one time to activate it.
  6. At the bottom of the toolbar, click the color swatch and pick a deep red. The box updates.
  7. Click on the word REPORT to select it.
  8. In the options bar, click the color swatch and pick a warm yellow. The text updates.
  9. Choose File > Close and click Save. Switch back to After Effects where the composition updates.
  10. Switch to the Bumper tab in the Timeline and invoke a RAM Preview. Review your work so far.
  11. Let’s add a fade in and out for the composition. Press the Home key.
  12. Choose Layer > New > Solid. Name the Solid Fades, make sure it is set to black, and click OK.
  13. With the layer Fades selected, press T to access the Opacity Transform controls.
  14. Add the following opacity keyframes:
    • 00:00:00 100%
    • 00:01:00 0%
    • 00:19:00 0%
    • 00:19:29 100%
  15. Invoke a RAM Preview. Review your work so far. Choose File > Save to save your work.
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