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The Motion Editor

For more complete control over animation timing and easing, use Flash CS4’s new Motion Editor. Note that the Motion Editor only works with new-style tweening. If you want to ease a classic tween, you’ll have to use the ease option in the Properties panel.

  1. Select a plane or ship that is animating from point to point onstage.
  2. Switch to the Motion Editor by clicking its tab.
  3. To view more of the Motion Editor, drag downward on the border between it and the Stage.
  4. Scroll to the very bottom of the Timeline and locate Eases. Click the Add Color, Filter or Ease button.
  5. From the menu, choose Stop and Start (Slow).
  6. From the X and Y Ease drop-down menus (in the Basic Motion area), choose the Stop and Start (Slow) ease you just added. (It’s only available because you added it in step 5.)
  7. Move the split between the Motion Editor and the Stage so that you can see the whole Stage.
  8. View the animation so you can see how it looks with the Stop and Start Ease.
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