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Adding Text

Text in Flash is easy to work with but limited. You don’t have access to all the fancy text-animation presets and Timeline tools that you have in After Effects. Still, if you need to add simple text to a Flash movie, it’s nice to know that Flash’s Text tool follows most of Adobe’s typographical conventions.

  1. Continue working in the same file or open Vehicles_on_layers.fla from the Chapter_02 Project Files folder. Add a new layer and drag it just above the map layer.
  2. Select the Text tool and click in the Pacific Ocean. Type Pacific Ocean.
  3. In the Properties panel, set the text to Static Text and adjust the Text properties until you like the look of the type. You’ll want to modify font family, size, and color to improve appearance.
  4. Static doesn’t sound like much fun, especially when one of the other options is Dynamic Text. Truth is, these options are poorly named. Dynamic Text and Input Text are for programmers: Dynamic Text can be set via ActionScript (such as the high score in a game); Input text is for form fields. Static Text—despite its name—is animatable text. You can make it move around the screen or animate it in other ways.

  5. Repeat steps 1–4, typing other location names. We labeled Russia and Australia.
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