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Tip 3: Change Clip Speed

iMovie '08, the complete rewrite of iMovie, lacked a feature that we'd grown accustomed to using in earlier versions: Changing the speed of a clip. No slow-motion replay of your kid's winning goal, no sped-up footage of you assembling the entire Lego Millennium Falcon.

Fortunately, the feature to change clip speed returned in iMovie '09. Double-click a clip to bring up the Clip Adjustments inspector and adjust the Speed slider.

But here's a tip that's hidden from view: You're not limited to the amounts provided by the slider, which offers only a few preset tick marks. The slowest setting using the slider is 12.5% of normal speed; the fastest is 800%. Those are both reasonable amounts, but iMovie can do better.

In the text field to the right of the Speed slider, enter any number between 5 and 2000 percent. You can ignore the slider entirely. For example, if 50% is too fast but 25% is too slow, plug 46 into the field, as shown in Figure 3, and see whether that timing works better.

Figure 3 You have more control over iMovie '09 clip speed than you think you do.

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