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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Refining a Slide Show

When you create a DVD slide show, you can fine-tune it using the slide show editor. To display the editor, double-click the slide show’s menu button or icon in Map view.

Adding Music to Slide Shows

You can add a music track to a slide show. One way to add music is by using the iTunes browser in iDVD. Click the Media button, then click the Audio button. Locate the song you want (use the search box if need be), then drag it to the Audio well. To add an entire playlist, drag it to the Audio well.

You can also drag a song directly from the iTunes window or, for that matter, from any folder on your hard drive. And you don’t even have to drag an audio file: if you drag a QuickTime movie to the Audio well, iDVD will assign its audio to your slide show.

Music and timing. How iDVD matches your soundtrack to your slides depends on the option you choose from the Slide Duration pop-up menu. If you choose a specific duration, such as five seconds per slide, iDVD repeats your soundtrack if its duration is shorter than the slide show’s total length. If the soundtrack is longer than the slide show, iDVD simply stops playing the soundtrack after the last slide displays. (To have the music fade at the end of the slide show, use the Slideshow portion of the Preferences dialog box.) And if you choose the Fit to Audio option, iDVD times the interval between image changes to match the soundtrack’s duration.

To remove a slide show’s background music, drag the icon out of the Audio well. When you release the mouse button, the icon vanishes in a puff of smoke.

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