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From the author of Reason 3: Font Previews in Menus

Reason 3: Font Previews in Menus

Another "it's about time": QuarkXPress font menus now show how the fonts look (see Figure 6). In the past, Quark theorized that expert users were choosing fonts from their vast years of experience, or from type books. High-end QuarkXPress users generally are using a font manager that provides expert previews, but today's user simply expects to see the previews in the menus.

Figure 6 WYSIWYG font menus.

Drawing all those little previews for hundreds or thousands of active fonts can take a little time, and you may notice a delay when clicking font menus. To turn off previews temporarily and find a font quickly, Shift-click the font menu. (This trick also comes in handy when you need to find dingbat fonts, such as Zapf Dingbats, by name.) If you simply don't care for previews, uncheck Show in Font Menu in the Fonts tab of the Preferences dialog box. When the feature is turned off, you can enable it temporarily by Shift-clicking the font menu.

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