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Step 6: Adding the Beam of Shimmering Light

If you play or scrub the CTI through the Timeline, you should see the cup fading into view. However, the effect really needs a beam of shimmering light to appear over the cup or glass to enhance the effect.

Task: Add the Beam of Shimmering Light effect by following these steps:

  1. Return the CTI to the start of the Timeline by pressing the Page Up key on your keyboard.
  2. If it isn't already displayed, click the Edit tab to display the Edit Workspace, and then click the Project button to display the Media view.
  3. Drag your Beam of Shimmering Light or transporter beam effect from the Media panel and drop it onto the Beam track. Make sure that the start of the clip is in line with the first marker (see Figure 25).
  4. Drag the end of the Beam clip to the second marker (see Figure 26).
  5. Return the CTI to the first marker. Click the Beam clip to select it, and then open the Properties pane by clicking the Properties button.
  6. Dial down the Motion parameters; then alter scale and position until the beam is roughly the same size as the glass, and in the same place. You may need to turn off the Constrain Proportions checkbox (see Figure 27).
  7. Make sure that the CTI is at the first marker. Dial down the Opacity parameters by clicking the small triangle, and then turn on keyframes by clicking the Toggle Animation button. Reduce the Opacity at the first keyframe to 0% (see Figure 28).
  8. Move the CTI a few frames up the Timeline (toward the second marker) and increase opacity to 100%.
  9. Move the CTI to the second keyframe and decrease Opacity to 0%. Then move the CTI a few frames down the Timeline (toward the first marker) and set the opacity here to 100% (see Figure 29).
  10. Finish this process by adding the Gaussian Blur to the beam of light, and set the value to 100 (see Figure 30).
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