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Administration Panel

Now that you’ve successfully written your first client application, you should be ready to connect it to ElectroServer. However, before you can do that, you must ensure that ElectroServer’s settings are configured to your needs. To that end, let us introduce the administration panel, which exists to allow configuration of ElectroServer’s many options.

Within the administration panel, you’ll be able to define the IPs and ports on which ElectroServer listens for socket connections. Also, it will allow you to manage extensions, configure the number of users the server will allow, and even create language filters to protect users from obscene language in chat messages.

Once you are running ElectroServer, open a browser, and point to the default address for the administration panel (https://localhost:8080/admin/). You will then see a screen that looks similar to this:

Enter the login credentials that you provided during the installation process. (Refer back to the “Installation” section if you need the default values.) Upon logging into the administration panel, you will be provided with several menu options. We’ll look here at the three that are most commonly used:

Gateways Menu. The Gateways menu provides the configuration for adding addresses and ports to enable socket communications between ElectroServer and any connecting clients.

If you need to edit any of these addresses, click on Edit StandAlone, which will bring up the configuration for these listeners.

For any address and port combination required, add a new line to the bottom of the list. The default values should be sufficient for the scope of this book.

Extensions Menu. In the Extensions menu, you can install and configure any server extensions to be used with ElectroServer. The front screen of the Extensions menu provides a list of currently installed extensions as well as the option of installing new ones. We’ll cover the installation of extensions thoroughly in the Appendix.

Persistent Rooms Menu. This menu provides a means of creating rooms and zones that will persist while (and whenever) ElectroServer is running. For example, it’s good to use these for rooms that you want to have remain constant, such as lobbies or commonly played public games.

Persistent rooms share the same configuration options as those found when creating a room using the client API. They are a great asset when implementing chat functionality into any client application, as well as remaining available for any connecting clients to automatically join upon login.

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