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From the author of Step 5: Repositioning the Fire to Match the Ball

Step 5: Repositioning the Fire to Match the Ball

If you play through the Timeline, you should see the fire appear at the bottom of the screen; of course, that's not what you want at all. To remedy this problem, you'll reposition and resize the fire so that it appears where it should and at the correct scale.

Task: Adjust the size and position of the SkyFire03.Mov clip by following these steps:

  1. Return the CTI to the first marker, and then press the right-arrow key on your keyboard twice to advance the CTI two frames.
  2. Click the Fire clip on the Fire track in the Timeline to select it; then open its properties panel by clicking the Properties button (see Figure 15).
  3. Open the Motion parameters by clicking the small triangle and then reduce the scale of the fire clip by dragging the Scale slider to the left (see Figure 16). A scale of around 40% is suggested if you are using the detonation clip.
  4. Click the word Motion to highlight it. In the Preview panel, the Motion frame appears (see Figure 17).
  5. Click inside the Motion frame in the Preview panel; then drag it with the mouse until the flame is centered on the ball (see Figure 18).
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