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From the author of Final Steps: Test Render and Add Sound

Final Steps: Test Render and Add Sound

At this stage, you should have the start of a very cool-looking effect, with the fire springing into life at the actor's command and then following the ball until it leaves the field of view. To enhance the effect further, you can reduce opacity to around 80%, or you may want to try tweaking the values in the Videomerge parameters to remove the gray background square that you may see surrounding the Fire clip (see Figure 23).

Once you've finished tweaking and adjusting the various parameters, you can try a quick test render by pressing the Enter key on your keyboard. Once the render has finished, press the spacebar to see the effect in motion.

With the visual and audio elements set to your taste, press Ctrl-S to save the project, and then press the Enter key on your keyboard to render the movie again, if necessary. Once the render has been completed, save the project as an AVI file by selecting File > Export > Movie (see Figure 24).

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