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Changing the Settings of an Existing Sequence

You can open and review or modify settings for an existing individual sequence in the Sequence Settings window. The Sequence Settings window contains the same main display options as the Timeline Options tab in the User Preferences window, but you'll also find Video Processing, Render Control, and Audio Output tabs. When you modify any settings for an individual sequence, you are changing the settings for that sequence only.

You can use this window's Load Sequence Preset button to switch to a different Sequence preset, but unless you're sure that's what you need to do, it's not advisable.

To change the settings for an individual sequence:

  1. Control-click the sequence's icon in the Browser.
  2. Choose Settings from the shortcut menu (Figure 4.29).
    Figure 4.29

    Figure 4.29 Control-click the sequence icon; then choose Settings from the shortcut menu.

  3. Modify your Sequence settings (Figure 4.30); then click OK. (For more information about the Sequence Settings window, see "Customizing the Timeline Display," "Specifying Sequence Settings," "Specifying Render Control Settings," and "Configuring Audio/Video Output Settings" in Chapter 3.)
    Figure 4.30

    Figure 4.30 The Sequence Settings window contains the same options as the Timeline Options tab, plus Render Control and Audio Outputs settings tabs. Modifying a sequence's settings in the Sequence Settings window changes the settings for that sequence only.

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