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Working with Actions

Actions occur after Compressor processes the media. They perform tasks such as burning DVDs and Blu-ray Discs, uploading movies to MobileMe and YouTube, and running AppleScripts or Automator actions. Compressor contains two types of actions: job and setting.

Using Job Actions

Lesson 2 covers job actions and batch templates in detail, but here are some general considerations when working with these types of post-transcoding tasks.

The Run Automator Workflow job action, though seemingly simple, is quite powerful.

Automator-created scripts can significantly increase your productivity and efficiency in a wide variety of tasks and functions. For more information on Automator and scripting applications and Mac OS X, go to

Resolving Conflicts with Job Actions

Compressor will display alerts and warnings if you attempt to configure a specific job action with incompatible targets.

Using Settings Actions

Settings actions let you send a post-transcode email to a single recipient or to run a single AppleScript after encoding is completed. Both actions are linked directly to a specific setting, and you control these tasks in the Actions pane of the Inspector.

Before enabling email notification, you must configure Compressor’s preferences by choosing Compressor > Preferences.

To evaluate your understanding of the concepts covered in this lesson and to prepare for the Apple Pro Certification Exam, download the online quiz at

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