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Step 1: Setting Up Your Project

To get started, you need to open Premiere Elements 7, create a new project, and set up the Timeline. These first steps are typical when starting any project and, if you have been following all the other tutorials, you should be now very familiar with the process.

Task: Set up a new project in Premiere Elements 7 by doing the following:

  1. If Premiere Elements 7 is not already running, launch it in the usual way.
  2. At the opening splash screen, select New Project.
  3. Create a project called HuD_Effect.
  4. When the Premiere Elements interface has finished loading, click the Timeline button to switch to the Timeline view (see Figure 2).
  5. Right-click the Timeline header Video 1 and select Rename from the contextual menu (see Figure 3). Assign the new name Main_Video (see Figure 4).
  6. Right-click in the Header area and select Add Tracks from the contextual menu (Figure 5). Click OK to accept the default of adding 1 Video and 1 Audio Track to the Timeline.
  7. Repeat step 5, renaming Video 2 as Color_Matte and Video 3 as Text_1 and Video 4 as Target_Shape (see Figure 6).
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