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Step 5: Adding the Target Layer

The inside of your tactical glasses needs to display more than just the word “Target”, and in this section you will add a text reference below your target object, then create a shape that outlines that object.

Task: Add the target text and target shape by following these steps:

  1. Move the CTI a few seconds further up the Timeline, then click on the Add Default Text button to open the Text tool again.
  2. A new title will be created on the Target_Shape track. Inside the text tool, type in your target text; in this case, Television has been entered.
  3. Highlight the text by dragging the mouse cursor over the text, then adjust the font, style, and point size to suit your requirements (see Figure 21).
  4. Click on the Selection tool, then adjust the position of the text so that it does not overlap the target object (see Figure 22).
  5. Click once on the Line tool, then in the interface; draw a straight line down each side of the object (see Figure 23 and 24).
  6. Click on Done to close the Text tool, then drag the tail of the title down the Timeline until it is the same length as the POV clip.
  7. Open the Properties clip for this title by clicking on the Properties button, then dialing open the Opacity setting by clicking on the small triangle (see Figure 25).
  8. Open the Keyframes area by clicking the Show Keyframes switch, then toggle keyframes for the opacity parameters by clicking on the Toggle Animation switch (see Figure 26).
  9. Make sure the CTI is at the start of the title on the Target_Shape track, and then reduce the Opacity to 0 percent. Move the CTI forward five frames by pressing the right arrow on the keyboard five times and then increase the opacity to 75 percent (see Figure 27).
  10. 1Repeat the above steps, decreasing the opacity every five frames then increasing it at the next five frame points until the end of the clip is reached (see Figure 28).
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