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Chapter Review

  1. Name four file-sharing protocols supported by Mac OS X Server and their principal target clients.
  2. How does Mac OS X Server support browsing for Windows clients?
  3. What is the primary security concern with NFS?
  4. What does FTP file conversion do?


  1. AFP for Mac clients; SMB for Windows clients; NFS for UNIX clients; and FTP for multiple cross-platform client access are four file-sharing protocols supported by Mac OS X Server.
  2. On smaller networks, Mac OS X Server uses NetBIOS to advertise its presence. On larger networks, Mac OS X can be a WINS server, or it can use an existing WINS server. If there are no other servers on the network, Mac OS X Server can be a workgroup master browser or a domain master browser.
  3. Normally, NFS has no user-authentication process: NFS trusts that the client is who it claims to be. Beyond a security concern, this can also be a management issue if the client and server aren’t working with a unified user list. If you’re using Kerberos with NFS, you can authenticate the connection process, however.
  4. FTP file conversion is a feature of the FTP server that automatically encodes a file or folder requested by an FTP client. The client appends .tar, .bin, or .gz to the end of the filename, and the server does the appropriate encoding.
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