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From the author of Step 4: Name and Save Your Project

Step 4: Name and Save Your Project

When you click the New Project button, the sheet shown in Figure 7 slides down from the title bar. In the Project Name text box, assign a name to your project. From the Aspect Ratio pop-up menu, choose a standard proportion for the movie (Widescreen, Standard, or iPhone). From the Theme thumbnails, you can choose a theme designed by Apple; for the type of movie we're making in this example, it's best (easier) to accept the default setting, None. You can click the checkbox below the Theme thumbnails to add a style of transition automatically, but the Snap to Beats effect that we want to use will be better if you ignore that option, so click Create for this example.

Figure 7 Name your new project. From the Aspect Ratio pop-up menu, choose the setting that matches your imported video.

Now you have an empty project in the Edit Project pane. The title of your project appears in the pane's title bar, as shown in Figure 8.

Figure 8 All of your imported video clips are now stored in the Import Library, which takes up the lower half of the window. Your new project, empty for now, occupies the upper-left area of the window, with your project title in the title bar (circled).

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