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From the author of Step 7: Add Markers to the Soundtrack

Step 7: Add Markers to the Soundtrack

On the music soundtrack icon that now is shown in the Edit Project pane, click the little gear icon (see Figure 11) and choose Clip Trimmer from the fly-out menu. The Clip Trimmer pane opens in the lower-left section of the iMovie window, displaying the entire soundtrack as a wave form, as shown in Figure 12.

Figure 11 Click the gear icon on the soundtrack file; then select Clip Trimmer to open the soundtrack in the Clip Trimmer pane.

Figure 12 The soundtrack you placed in the project appears in the Clip Trimmer pane as a wave form.

Press the spacebar on your keyboard to start playback of the soundtrack (press it again when you want to stop playback). In beat with the music, tap the M key on your keyboard. A marker—a vertical white line—is placed on the soundtrack every time you tap. To reposition a marker, click to select it, and then drag it to the desired position. When you release the mouse button, the marker stays in its new location.

When you're satisfied with the placement of the markers you've created, click the blue Done button in the upper-right corner of the Clip Trimmer pane.

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